This video is creating serious buzz in social media. The writer/producer Linda Twiss Gioscia (pronounced Josha) will be one of my guests today on BRIANS BEAT. [10am-Noon, EDT]. Common Core Revolution is a song parody mocking educational reforms, instituted by the federal government, that are quiet sweeping the nation.

Gioscia is a part of a strong vocal group denouncing the Common Core being instituted in the government controlled schools. She and other parents plus like-minded citizens will be at the Statehouse in Boston to educate our elected officials on the negative impact Common Core is contributing to the learning process, and to pitch Representatives and Senators to lobby against the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers [Parcc]. Common Core Lobby day is set to begin at 9 AM.

A Fairhaven mother of three is one of many parents trekking to the statehouse. Michelle Furtado hopes to lobby State Rep. William Strauss (D-Mattapoisett). Furtado says she's joining with others "in a fight to restore sanity to the education of our children." Furtado could be right. Recently, a California teacher stated that Common Core is eliminating the Constitution and 1776 from her school's curriculum. Isn't that interesting since we are four days away from Patriots Day, marking the start of the Revolutionary War.

Some Massachusetts cities and towns have opted their students in for the Parcc assessments, despite Parcc testing only being in the preliminary phase. Furtado explained on BRIANS BEAT that her daughter was one of the unlucky chosen by Fairhaven officials to participate this year's practice assessments, testing that Furtado vehmently disagreed with. Furtado says Fairhaven school officials wouldn't allow her eighth grader to opt out of the Parcc computerized exam. Instead of letting her daughter stay in class and learn, the minor teen was forced to physically spent hours quietly sitting in front of the computer terminal. Dartmouth and New Bedford schools are also participating in the formative stages of Parcc.

Now is your chance to learn a little more about Common Core. Start with Common Core Revolution. If Gioscia's song strikes a chord, you'll easily find follow up material.

BTW>> Bill Gates supports Common Core. It's my understanding he's dumped millions of dollars behind the project. A sound investment for someone!

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