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[THOMAS] Another Opportunity To End Common Core [Poll]
Massachusetts has another chance to end Common Core education and return to the frameworks prior to 2010. State Representative Kevin Kuros, from Worcester filed a bill, HD 1430, that if passed by his colleagues and signed by the Governor, terminates Common Core in the Commonwealth
PARCC Protest [Video]
A group of parents and educators descended on the New Bedford Public Schools Administration Building at 455 County St. Monday morning in protest of continued high stakes testing.
New MCAS To Be Created
Boston (AP) - The state is looking for help designing a new version of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System test.
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on Tuesday formally requested proposals from private companies to help develop and build the ``next-generation MCAS'…
Common Core Targeted
Changes in Massachusetts education are drawing fire from a Fairhaven mother .
Michelle Furtado is part of a campaign working to convince state education officials to dump the Common-Core education program.
Furtado tells WBSM's Brian Thomas, Common Core is short-changing students...
Common Core Lobby Day at the Massachusetts Statehouse
This video is creating serious buzz in social media. The writer/producer Linda Twiss Gioscia (pronounced Josha) will be one of my guests today on BRIANS BEAT. . Common Core Revolution is a song parody mocking educational reforms, instituted by the federal government, that are quiet sweeping the nati…
Opposing Common Core
When state Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester drove up to the Parker School in New Bedford Thursday morning, he was greeted by Michelle Furtado of Fairhaven, a staunch opponent of the Common Core education standards in Mass.
Furtado tells WBSM News, the federal government is buying off states to…