It's a local, favorite coffee house filled with folks connected to cyberspace. From the outside, it looks like a good brisk business!

After all, most of the seats are occupied and the house is full. The problem is, more and more cafe's can't turn much of a profit because of "Laptop Hobos" who will use the coffee shop's free WiFi and access codes, making the space their rent-free office for meetings and such. So being that no purchase is needed or a small purchase of a beverage hardly covers the costs of running a business, it's a tough balancing act.

So what's a coffee shop to do? Some are setting new rules that allow you free time there as long as you are 'actively enjoying your food or beverage.' And now, some places, like Panera are placing time limits of 30 minutes per customer, during busy hours. Would you frequent a coffee shop under those rules?

What are your observations about this problem?

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