Good morning! I hear the sunrise in Ft. Myers isn't as colorful as back home in New Bedford, but the beauty of this Gulf Coast jewel is to be marveled! If you haven't been to Ft. Myers, let me tell you about the clean and perfectly gorgeous downtown historic district, filled with boutiques, side walk cafes, art studios and a feel good environment. This is Celeste's first time and Ft. Myers passes her standard of excellence! We enjoyed both cosmopolitan and local southern cuisine. The perfectly prepared Fried Gator Tail was so tasty! Unlike KFC, where the food is finger lickin' good, the Gator Tail was so good, you could eat your fingers too! I always love trying local signature dishes, and this southern delicacy didn't disappoint! More tender and moist than chicken, take a chance on the Fried Gator with Hush Puppies and Fried Okree (correct pronunciation of Okra this far south).

Celeste enjoying the sunny view

From the really great looking Green Monster at Jet Blue to the local dolphin playing in the waters to the most awesome, white powdered sandy beaches, Ft. Myers is a perfect spot whether you are on spring break or just wanting a relaxed getaway. The sunrises may not be as orange and pink as around the south coast of our home, but the fresh oranges, lemons and colorful flora make up for that. All things considered, I give Ft. Myers 5 gold stars!

Hello gorgeous!