Debora Coelho, the Chair of the New Bedford City Council's Public Safety Committee, told WBSM's Brian Thomas she first heard about Thursday's fight near the high school from news reports on WBSM and not from school officials.

Coelho says this is important information that needs to be conveyed, not only to her, but to everyone involved in the public safety and education.

"When something happens people should know about it, especially the community, the parents," said Coelho "if I was a parent I'd want to know about it, as a community leader I want to know about it, so of course the more information we can get out there to folks the better of we all are."


also said that outside help may need to be brought in to make sure information regarding school safety is being conveyed to the public.

"I would get outside help, and outside resources, and I would want an outsider to come in, and have a complete analysis of what is going on because we're not getting the truth from the inside."

Coelho says she plans to discuss these issues with her colleagues further during their next meeting.