For CNN, a cable news network that is striving, if not obsessing to bring credibility to Washington, rumors that Trump got help in the elections from the Russians, they should recall their own horribly unethical conspiring. Last fall, Wikileaks intercepted emails proving that former campaign manager to Al Gore and CNN analyst Donna Brazile, secured debate questions for Secretary Hilary Rodham Clinton before the televised debates. Not only has she not denied it any longer, she promised she would have done more if given the chance.

Democratic National Convention
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Is that not altering the course of the American election process? That folks is provable collusion. That entire CNN Debate was a sham, orchestrated by a CNN insider or, maybe more than just one actually. How can anyone ever trust CNN to host a debate in the future? Brazile was fired by CNN, but only after the revelation of her and Hillary’s cheating. Brazille's punishment? It wasn't to go into seclusion in shame. No, not in the Democratic Party. This is a badge of honor over there. She went on to a high paying job in the party to replace the controversial Democratic National Chairwoman, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was forced to resign after Wikileaks caught her sabotaging the only person in the Democratic primary and in the way of Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) Yes, more proven collusion.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Charleston, South Carolina
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Yup, a disgraced DNC chair was replaced by a disgraced CNN analyst and...and just to show you how in-your-face and corrupt Hillary is, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign, during the Democratic National Convention and in front of the thousands of Bernie supporters who knew exactly what they had both done to their candidate.


The moral values and ethics of the Democratic Party was manipulate the entire election process through collusion,  to hire a woman who cheated with their cheating candidate and to cheer the hiring of a former chair who was also cheating for the same candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And please don't ever admit to anyone, not even yourself that you are too stupid to believe Hillary knew nothing of any of this. She drew the rough draft of this plan if not the architect.

Democratic Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Final Stretch Of Election
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I hope President Trump calls for an investigation to see if there is any hidden or unreported income for Brazile coming from the Clinton campaign, because that’s no small favor. Collusion is serious business. I mean real collusion, not feckless accusations.


And you loons on the left expect me to admit that I somehow feel bad about keeping HER out of office? No buyers regret here.

Just so you understand, the populist Democratic Party theory of 'Russians helping Trump get elected', is based on Russians hacking into the DNC, stealing emails that prove all of this disgraceful behavior and collusion and then passing them on to Wikileaks who would make these disgraceful things about Democrats known to the public.


Make America Great Again.

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