Lincoln Elementary School in New Bedford was temporarily evacuated after smoke was reported Wednesday morning.

Fire Chief Michael Gomes told WBSM News that a smoke condition was reported around 8:45 a.m. and upon arrival the staff reported that something was smoking on the roof.

Gomes said an investigation determined that the incident was being caused by an overheated motor on the building's heating and air conditioning system which was located on the roof.

The power was secured and Gomes says the situation was resolved.

Students then returned to class.

This follows a similar incident which took place at Registry of Motor Vehicles Branch at 278 Union St. in New Bedford on Monday.

Gomes says it's not uncommon to see incidents like this as the summer begins and people begin turning on their air conditioners.

"Typically just like in the beginning of our heating season when we have our first cold snap and everyone's heating system kicks on, it's a very similar situation where our systems for air conditioning start to get taxed and we can figure out where the week link in the system," said Gomes.

Gomes says that situations like this are more often than not smoke conditions, as the system will have an electrical short and shut down.

Also since they are outside of the building it's often unlikely that a fire will spread to the main structure.

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