Sad news from Lincoln, New Hampshire. The man who played the infamous "Wolfman" at Clark's Trading Post has passed away.  The popular White Mountains attraction reports that Bill Farrand, the man who played the role in the early 90's, died yesterday at the age of 60 after battling a long illness.

He was a quick study, and by 1994 he was entertaining guests at Clark’s as though he was born for the job. Bill was the Wolfman 24/7/365. In fact we are sure that in heaven Wolfman Bill is still chasing trains. His famous lines will live on. He loved to tell guests, the Clark family, and actually anyone who would listen, that he was "actin’ crazy and gettin’ paid for it”. We're sure he's on the lookout for any "pigeon lickin', city slickin' hodags. As our wonderful friend Bill would say, "Dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit; (There should be 7 "dits") and a loud "Whooooooooooo!" We love ya Bill! We will miss you very much.  --Clark's Trading Post

The "Wolfman" at Clark's Trading Post created the perfect blend of a thrilling, yet family-friendly experience. He'd chase the steam engine train along the tracks...shaking his fist and firing off shots at the train to the excitement of all on board.

He was certainly a memorable character.

Bill “Wolfman" Farrand will be sorely missed by Clark's Trading Post visitors.

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