According to a presentation by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), New Bedford continues to turn around its school district.

The report, presented during Monday's school committee meeting, was a snapshot of how the district is progressing with its Accelerated Improvement Plan.

The district has "reached performance goals" in four initiatives, while it has "partially reached performance goals" in five initiatives.

DESE representative Laura Richane says that's much better than it sounds.

"Partially reached performance goals is exactly where we would expect the district to be in this process, particularly given the ambitious nature of the work here, so these rating do represent progress. There's no doubt about that," Richane said during her presentation.

The plan places a focus on improving high quality teaching, data usage, team excellence and community engagement.

Supt. Pia Durkin is pleased with the direction of the school district and the work it has accomplished thus far.

"This kind of work is very hard but it's very affirming hearing from the DESE that we're on the right track and that if we stay the course, we are going to reach those goals," said Durkin. "The fact that we've been able to do that in the last two years is exciting."

Highlights from the report include identifying students that require more English Language Learners instruction, effective training for staff at all levels, and positive feedback from the community about the progress being made in schools.

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