A show of support Friday evening outside New Bedford City Hall for the people of Puerto Rico.

City officials took part in a ceremony, raising the Puerto Rican flag in support of that beleagured U.S.Territory, and the efforts made in New Bedford to help Puerto Rico following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

New Bedford Police and civilians like Edwin Cartegena put together a massive donation drive to help the island.

"We have together collected over a half a million pounds of supplies, food, and water, that is on its way to Puerto Rico as we speak. This is how we rise," said Cartegena. "I urge you, the community, to help in any way, but above all continue to pray."

Mayor Jon Mitchell says New Bedford is already seeing the impact of the hurricane. Many Puerto Rican families he says, are leaving their homeland and coming here.

"About ten students entered the school district as of Wednesday, and there's probably been more over the past couple of days, so they're doing their part." Mitchell added, "we have to be ready for more."

The ceremony was attended by about 75 people One woman called New Bedford's support for Puerto Rico, "supernatural."


(WBSM Reporter Tim Dunn contributed to this story. )

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