The City of New Bedford can show off the most prestigious locations, capitalizing on the global craze Pokémon Go by creating a New Bedford Pokémon Go Guide to get players to walk around and visit places that are new to th

The famous New Bedford Whaling Museum features interactive exhibits, rare antiquities and displays of fine decorative arts. And coming up on July 25th, the museum invites the community to participate in two free events that will excite the family! Ocean health and whale science will be the centerpiece of celebrating the ocean and marine life at "Party for the Ocean," running from 10 am to 3 pm. The  kids will love the hands-on family fun as they learn things like how whales stay warm, how they see, hear and stay afloat. At 7 pm, take in the compelling documentary, Sonic Sea, that tells about the impact of ocean noise on whales and other marine life. For more details, visit Stay tuned for a special announcement coming soon about the Centennial Celebration at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

e player! The City can make it possible to discover not only some rare Pokémon creatures, but some local hidden treasures, as well.

The City can publish an online blog series that is themed to discover New Bedford. The City can call the Pogo Stops, with locations from our ocean, art museum and really interesting local landmarks! As long as it's popular, we might as well capitalize on this phenomenon!