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New Bedford School Committee Member Chris Cotter says he'd be open to trying a new style of suspension in the school system.

The tactic is called reverse suspension, and would have a parent or guardian accompany their student throughout an entire school day if the student was displaying non-violent or non-verbally abusive behavior.

Cotter tells WBSM's Brian Thomas he thinks parents need to see how their child's behavior is effecting the classrooms firsthand. "And if that parent has to come in and see and sit with their child, wouldn't most parents say, 'You know what? This is a good idea because my child should not be misbehaving in school," says Cotter.

Reverse suspension has been implemented in Huntington, West Virginia, and has cut student suspensions by two-thirds, and bad behavior incidents by more than half.

Cotter is supportive of the idea, but acknowledges that it may have a significant roadblock. "The argument is going to be that we're going to point out a student because he was misbehaving. And now the kids are going to see that his mom and dad are here. And it's just kind of a general rule in society that we can't embarrass a child."

Cotter says he will continue to study the issue before he presents it to the entire school committee.