Though it had been reported for a while now, the Boston Celtics officially announced that they have re-signed center Aron Baynes, Saturday. 

Baynes joined the C's last year, after five seasons spent between San Antonio and Detroit.

In 81 games, the 31-year-old averaged six points and 5.4 rebounds for Boston. His height helped add rim protection on the defensive end and his reputation as a good teammate seemed to stand up nicely.

With Baynes back in the fold, the C's now have a proven veteran to help balance the work load of an NBA big with the team's 2018 first round pick, Texas A&M center Robert Williams.

Baynes, who started 67 games for the C's last season, has the ability to make plays in short spurts and can help to mentor the young Williams in how to play the position at the next level.

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