A 15-year-old Carver boy is being honored by the New England Patriots for launching a food pantry in his hometown. The recognition is coming as Shane McColgan fights for his life.

When he was only 7 years old, Shane was surprised to see a story on television about Massachusetts children who struggle with hunger. He just couldn't forget it. Shane couldn't fathom that this was a problem for kids who lived nearby.

Shane founded the Shane Gives Thanks Food Pantry, where families in need could "shop" without money or an ounce of shame.

Yesterday at Gillette Stadium, Shane's aunt, Monica Cole, along with representatives from 25 other organizations, were recognized by the New England Patriots. Shane's food pantry was given $10,000 to support the expansion of the pantry's footprint.

Courtesy of Monica Cole
Courtesy of Monica Cole

"He's been able to help so many people in our community that we are running out of room," Cole said. "We need more room for more food, and the Patriots' donation will help him do it."

It's been quite a week for the teen.

He recently found out that he found an incredible match for a much-needed bone marrow transplant.

"They consider 10 out of 10 a rare find," said Cole. "Shane's match was 12 out of 12."

The bone marrow was from an anonymous donor somewhere in the United States.  That's all the family knows.

The transplant happened last Thursday. With a thumbs-up to the camera (above),  Shane pushed the button himself to start the bone marrow procedure. He's been recovering well and is expected to be in isolation from four to six weeks to allow the bone marrow to work.

"The bone marrow transplant won't be a cure for Shane," said Cole, " because his body will always make this mutation. The hope, though, is that this new marrow that has never been subjected to chemo will give Shane a fighting chance to live as close to a normal life as he can. Hopefully if he can make it three years without the mutation taking over again, he will be considered in remission."

Shane hopes to be strong enough to visit Gillette Stadium to thank Robert Kraft in person.

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