It's one of my favorite weekends of the year!  Yes there's playoff football but it's also the weekend that the International Auto Show takes over the Convention Center in Boston. It's become a tradition in my house to jump in the car with family and friends and head up to see the show.  It's fun to check out the latest offerings from manufacturers and to see what trends are taking over too.  The International Auto Show is where you can sit in the cars and get a feel to see if it fits your needs.  Nothing better than bringing the kids and checking out the new vehicles all in one place, see how they all fit and if it's the right car for you.  What better way to shop?  You can see all of the manufacturers under one roof and not feel the pressure of buying right away.  Imagine you have one car that you really want to purchase and you go to the show and sit in it and check it out, then walk over to the booth of a competitor and you are able to compare another car right away.  Sometimes you find out the car you thought you wanted may not be the choice for you.  Plus you get to see some concept cars and some super exotic cars that only a few will ever drive.

The show starts on January 16th and runs through the 20th, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  Tickets are just twelve bucks for adults and six bucks for kids, cheap money for some exciting stuff!  See you at the show