Everyone makes mistakes, but the mistake that the Cape Cod Times made by publishing a cartoon on July 16, was deemed as "shameful" by the Yarmouth Police Department.

According to Fox 25, the cartoon, which appears on the opinion page, shows a police cruiser and a hearse. For the police cruiser, the caption says "vehicle that white people see..." and for the hearse "vehicle that black people see..."

The Yarmouth Police Department posted a photo of the cartoon on their Facebook page and slammed the paper for printing the cartoon.

The post by the Yarmouth Police Department has been shared more than 1,000 times and has about 1,000 comments.

The cartoon is by Dave Granlund, a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist from Massachusetts.

The Cape Cod Times said in a statement, "We are sorry to anyone who was offended and we regret the timing of the editorial cartoon published in Saturday's Cape Cod Times. Cartoons, in particular, can be sensitive because the forum is prone to exaggeration, caricature and hyperbole while making their point."

Do you agree or disagree with the newspaper apologizing for running this editorial cartoon?

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez