New Bedford — Michael Jansen is challenging longtime 13th Bristol State Representative Tony Cabral for the seat in Boston.

On Monday morning's Phil Paleologos show on WBSM, Jansen accused Cabral of turning down a radio debate because he is afraid of the voters. Last week, Cabral told Phil that he would not agree to a radio debate because it was not organized by an official group.

Jansen also said one reason he decided to run for the 13th Bristol seat was the large pay increase that Cabral received at the end of 2016. The challenger said that Cabral's annual salary went from just over $60,000 to more than $112,000.  Jansen also accused Cabral of not paying taxes on the money.

Cabral told WBSM listeners that he has worked hard for the residents of New Bedford, and will continue to support the issues that will make citizen's lives better.

Another issue of disagreement between the two candidates is wind energy. Cabral said that due to the hard work of himself and others. the staging area for the new wind farm near Martha's Vineyard will be in New Bedford. He said that will create hundreds of jobs.

Meanwhile, Jensen said on Monday that job will be lost due to increased regulations on the fishing industry that is caused by wind farms, and added that resident's electric bills will increase because of wind power.

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