It's time for action on employer-paid family and medical leave in Massachusetts. That's the feeling of State Rep. Antonio Cabral of New Bedford, who's says he's been advocating for a paid medical leave plan for 10 years.

A plan that would provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave for family emergencies and illness is currently under discussion on Beacon Hill, but still undecided is who will shoulder the bulk of the cost--employers or employees.

Cabral tell's WBSM's Brian Thomas he's hoping for a compromise between lawmakers and advocates like the citizens group Raise Up Massachusetts.

Cabral favors a 50-50 split, but he says if a compromise cannot be reached by mid-May, advocates for paid family and medical leave will likely gather more signatures to have the measure placed on the ballot in November.

Cabral says if it gets to the ballot, voters will most likely pass it.

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