As the legislature is winding down its session for the year one of the bills being worked on is an omnibus energy bill that includes provisions regarding an increase in the use of offshore wind.

Rep. Antonio Cabral tells WBSM News the bill would help the state reach its environmental goals while putting less of a reliance on fossil fuels that are imported from the Middle East and other parts of the country.

"Offshore wind is important because it becomes a home grown industry in Massachusetts," said Cabral "we have the best possible areas to have offshore wind in the United States, if not the world, and we would be at the beginning of the pipeline."

In addition Cabral says an offshore wind energy industry would also be an economic boost creating jobs across the state and especially here on the Southcoast.

"You need supply, you need to build things, you need to construct things, so you create a number of jobs that are completely new jobs around that whole industry if you are able to secure enough wattage of production," said Cabral.

While some critics have said that it will lead to higher rates for consumers cabral says that the technological improvements in the industry combined with the balanced approch in the bill make it unlikely that consumers will see any rate increases.

"Hydro, offshore wind, solar energy, and some natural gas obviously as a back up, it will have," said Cabral "so I think when you look at the industry and the new numbers that are coming out based on the technology today versus the old technology I think the rates will be pretty competitive."

The bill has been referred to a Conference Committee which is working out differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

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