I eat a lot of cheese. Whether it's blocks of cheese, on a pizza, macaroni and cheese, or cheescake, it doesn't matter what time of day it is. My meal or snack will most likely consist of some type of cheese and I'm ok with that.

Someone at the office told me about this Aldi Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar with 24 imported mini pieces of cheese. I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out of my head.

Cheese flavors include:

  1. Aged Cheddar
  2. Red Leicester
  3. Edam
  4. Mild Cheddar
  5. Matured Gouda
  6. Spicy Gouda
  7. Herbed Gouda
  8. Tomato and Olive Gouda

I only wish I had known this sooner so I could have started celebrating the Advent season with this daily dairy delight on Sunday, December 1. However, I love a good comeback story. I'm fairly confident that I can catch up in one sitting. Let's be honest, I might eat the entire calendar in one sitting. I know the box says to keep refrigerated, but that seems more suitable for someone with self-control. Serving suggestions are just that; suggestions. Christmas calories do not count.

If I suddenly decide to share my new treats, I guess this could make an interesting appetizer at a holiday party. I'm sure the host and hostess will approve. If not, more for me.

This is currently available on Amazon for $54.95.

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