On Saturday, September 24, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m at the Middleboro Elks Club on 24 High St. presents "Let Build it for Robin’s Children" as the event will hold a spaghetti dinner, music, and dances.

According to South Coast Today.com, something unprecedented occurred in Middleboro two years ago when people from the community forged a common bond of love and hope to help a grieving family in need.

Union workers, owners of companies, philanthropists, volunteers, churches, fraternal clubs, neighbors and strangers alike all pulled together to expand the small home of Darleen and Frank Millette, a couple with four kids who were taking in the children of their late sister, Robin Daggett. Robin and her husband died in 2013 just five months apart.

What followed was nothing short of a miracle as donations of supplies and money were raised, and on May 3, 2013, a second floor to the home was built in one day.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez