Elections matter and we have an exceptionally important election on the ballot in September.

The Democrats of Bristol County will be choosing their candidate for district attorney in September, and the candidate the Democrats choose will ultimately be elected to a four-year term in November because the Republicans of Bristol County have decided not to put a candidate on the ballot this cycle.

The current district attorney, Thomas Quinn, is running for re-election as a Democrat and he has a challenger. His challenger is Shannon McMahon, who formerly worked as an assistant district attorney until she resigned following her arrest in 2016.

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Local district attorneys used to be strictly a local affair. A few years ago, however, the progressive radical left made a move to capture and cripple the prosecution of crime in many urban areas. Today, crime is a major problem, particularly in those cities that have a “progressive” left-wing lawyer elected to district attorney.

Just recently, the city of San Francisco was forced to rescue itself from a swamp of mayhem and crime by recalling their “progressive” district attorney. Los Angeles County citizens are now attempting to recall their district attorney as robbers, rapists and murderers destroy their city.

California voters have the luxury of recalling district attorneys, but the citizens of Massachusetts aren’t so lucky. You elect the wrong district attorney for the cities of New Bedford, Fall River, Taunton and Attleboro and you are stuck with that choice for four years.

Are you prepared for four years of mayhem and chaos like we’ve witnessed in San Francisco and Los Angeles? Because this is what we face if the Democrats choose to nominate a progressive district attorney for Bristol County.

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