Thursday was one memorable weather day. We'll all remember the year that the SouthCoast reached 70 degrees in the middle of February.

According to the storm trackers at ABC6, we easily broke the long-standing record high temperature of 60 degrees from back in 1910.  Incredibly, we cracked the 70-degree mark just after 1 p.m. on Feb. 16.

It's not crazy to think we may set another record high today. The record high is 66 degrees set back in 1981. The forecast is calling for rain and 62 degrees.

Our question of the day this morning, setting aside the heavy topic of global warming (which we're not going to solve on Michael and Maddie):

Are you enjoying the snowless winter?

My wife and I were talking about the warm temperatures this week. I was shocked to learn that she was actually missing the snow and cold. She's a big fan of snow days and she says the yards are too wet and muddy without the cold freezing things over.

I am absolutely loving it. No warming up your car. No shoveling the stairs. No snow blowing into the driveway. Heck, I'm barely wearing a jacket. I feel like this must be what winters in places like North Carolina are like. Who could have a problem with mild and moderate temperatures?

One caller to the show was concerned that because this was such a warm winter, we're setting ourselves up for a summer-long heatwave of brutal temperatures.

What do you think?  Do you miss the snow? Or are you enjoying the mild winter?

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