A former duckpin bowling alley on Route 6 in Mattapoisett will be torn down over the winter.

The owners of the now-shuttered Bowl-Mor, who had hoped to fix and renovate the building, made the decision after a structural analysis revealed that the renovation plan would not be feasible.

“We were trying to see if we could save what we have, but it’s not going to happen,” said Susan Penta, who owns the building with Michael Penta. A third owner, Angelo Paolini, who passed away, was previously involved in the decision, Penta told Sippican Week.

The town condemned the building in February 2017 after roof beams were damaged due to the weight of snow. Tiles started falling from the ceiling and the bowling alley was closed. Town inspectors deemed the building unsafe, and it was fenced off.

The owners, who bought the building in 2003, hired a construction firm in 2018 to look into renovations and repair. But an engineer's inspection delivered a discouraging prognosis. Penta told the newspaper that she had also received calls from the town about kids breaking into the building.

The Bowl-Mor operated from 1945 to 2017 as one of the few duckpin bowling alleys in Massachusetts. The venue was described on the website Retro Road Map as an opportunity to step back into time. The Mattapoisett Museum is reportedly working with the owners to preserve certain items to display.

Penta met with town officials on Nov. 23, and Costello Demolition agreed to push the start into January.  Building Inspector Andy Bobola said the adjacent Ying Dynasty will most likely be closed on the first day of demolition as a safety precaution, Sippican Week said.

A representative from Costello said that dust coming from the demolition won’t be a problem for nearby residents and businesses because the company uses special humidifiers. Asbestos has been removed and a check will be done to ensure that no unwanted pests will pack up and move to nearby properties.

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