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I’m a sucker for these adorable feel-good moments. And it makes my heart melt even more knowing that this one is so close to home.

Lisa Kennedy shared a video on Facebook last week that had my smiling like a fool for a solid five minutes. Most kids get excited when big trucks ride by their houses and if the driver beeps or honks a horn, it’s extra special. Kevin Lounsbury is a delivery driver for UPS. But to these kids in South Boston, he’s so much more than that. Kennedy posted about the kids’ bond with their “favorite, favorite guy in the whole world.”

Watch the video below to see how this surprise went.

“Throughout the past few months, we’ve grown close to our UPS driver Kevin. Of course, he brings us all our essentials, but he also brings so much joy and excitement to these little faces. He greets us every night with a beep and a smile. Tonight, we wanted to show Kevin how much he means to us all. A true silver-lining in these crazy times.”

Seven kids dressed up as the amazing Kevin and even the dog got in on the fun.

Photo Courtesy: Lisa Kennedy
Photo Courtesy: Lisa Kennedy

For a group of kiddos who have most likely spent most days in the house during the pandemic, having someone like Kevin try to make the most of something as simple as a package delivery means a lot. No wonder these kids wanted to dress up as their idol.

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