Simply put, Angy is a prodigy whose passion is contageous! Angy is extraordinary in his talents and also in his matchless music video, 'House Burning Down', that tells a compelling story of bullying!

Angy was born in Boston Massachusetts and has lived here all of his life.  At a very young age, Angy had an interest in many new artists and was most influenced by Lady Gaga.  Angy, as one of her littlest monsters, has attended multiple Gaga concerts and celebrated her success.

Judy Teofilo, a Doo-wop singer and vocalist who observed Angy as a toddler, made a stunning prediction to Angy’s parents - Angy would be a singer/performer at a very early age. Angy began writing songs at age 8 and has an unique ability to convert his personal experiences to powerful lyrics and catchy musical transitions.  In the summer of 2012, Angy opted to record a few songs he had written rather than participate in summer camp.  His keyboard instructor Kook Lawry encouraged him to make the jump and introduced him to fellow artist and musician Brian Maes.

Within weeks Angy was working with professional musicians in the heat of summer refining his work en route to his first master recording of “Mirror.” In the fall of 2012, Angy suggested a music video to accompany his written songs.  After discussions with singer/filmmaker Spookie Daly, two songs from the CD were scheduled to be produced.  In February of 2013, following a major snowstorm, Angy, his classmates/friends, and professional actors/dancers braved 16-hour days of sub zero temperatures to film the videos for “House Is Burning Down” (released 5/16/13) and “Mirror” (releasing on 7/4/13).

Separate from his individual accomplishments, Angy has demonstrated a strong and disciplined work ethic and an understanding of the value of other artists in the performance world.  In 2013, Angy won the Best Ensemble acting award at the Middle School Festival by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild.

In addition to writing songs and performing, Angy loves hanging out with his older brother, yorkies, getting good grades in school, playing soccer, and riding roller coasters. Check out his website and Facebook to keep up with Angy.

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