Almost a decade ago, a 15-year-old Black boy stabbed a Black New Bedford Police Officer and the stabber was shot dead. Thankfully the Black officer survived.

The sad life story of Malcolm Gracia is back in the news. Almost a decade has elapsed since the day that young man decided he wanted to die at the hands of the police. He was following a family tradition in that regard. His father had attempted to kill at least one Dartmouth police officer when he assaulted the officer with a screwdriver. The Dartmouth police did the job we hire all police officers to do and they killed the violent aggressor.

If a person will attack a highly trained and fully equipped police officer what do you think they will do to you, me, or our family members?

According to reports, Malcolm Gracia didn't have a relationship with his homicidal father. Sadly, he doesn't appear to have had much of a relationship with any adult relatives. He was off his mental health medication and living on the streets.

Malcolm Gracia's sister was able to receive a one-time payment of $500,000 from an insurance company that had a policy with the City of New Bedford. The settlement from the insurance company was not an admission of guilt by the police or the city.

The young man had a horrible life. He was sick and he was neglected. He stabbed a police officer and the police shot him. Multiple witnesses observed his attack on Detective Tyson Barnes, a Black police officer, and his refusals to stop his aggressive knife-wielding behavior.

Now there is a conspiracy theory that the Black officer is lying about being stabbed.


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