The newest additions to the Buttonwood Park Zoo were formally introduced to the zoo community Thursday night during a members only event. 

Along with being some of the first people to lay eyes on the 10-week-old brother and sister, members also got the chance to cast their ballot on what they will be named.

"One of the great things of being a member is you get access to animals before the rest of the public and you also help with certain things like naming of the animals," said Zoo Director Keith Lovett.

The winning name set chosen by members were Mayzie and Max.

Other choices were:

  • Beatrice & Baxter
  • June & Joshua
  • Catherine (Cat) & Robert (Bob)

Mayzie and Max will be part of the Zoo's Animal Ambassador Program meaning they will go out into the community rather be on display in an exhibit.

"Our Animal Ambassador Program takes injured and orphaned wildlife and uses them in education programs to basically teach environmental stewardship, teach people about animals but also what they can do to be friendly with wildlife and help the environment they live in," Lovett said.

The orphaned siblings were located by a hiker in southern California and turned over to a rehabilitation center in San Diego County. Due to their close interactions with rehabilitators, the kittens were deemed non-releasable back to the wild though they are "very robust, very healthy" according to Lovett.

Zoo officials will organize daily scheduled encounters for the public over the next couple of weeks.

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