The winds of progress will soon be blowing off the coast of Massachusetts, and we have a look at what you can expect.

Massachusetts recently selected a developer to construct an offshore wind farm 15 miles off the southern coast of Martha’s Vineyard, and many residents are wondering what they can expect out in those waters.

So, when I saw that a friend was taking a tour of a wind farm off Block Island, I asked if she could send us some photos and videos to give people on the SouthCoast and Cape Cod a first-hand look at what the wind farm may look like when it goes online by 2021.

The Block Island Wind Farm is a 30-megawatt, five-turbine wind farm. The planned farm that will be built by Vineyard Wind will produce 800 megawatts of offshore wind power, so it will be much larger.

Let us know on our Facebook page what you think of these turbines, and if you support having them in the waters off Massachusetts.

Tiffany Ferreira explained a bit of what she learned on the tour. "The Block Island project was installed by Deep Water Wind. The small boat is a crew transfer vessel which performs maintenance on the wind turbines. The crew transfer vessel is the first American made crew transfer vessel of its kind and it was made in Rhode Island to safely bring crews to turbines."

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