Black Lives Matter has been officially endorsed by the taxpayers of Massachusetts with the hoisting of their flag on the University's main flag pole at the entrance, endorsed by the interim chancellor of UMD Peyton Randolph Helm. What started out as a justifiably angry response to a glut of lethal actions taken against young black men by police and a wannabe (George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin) has taken on several agendas alien to the original cause.

TSM/Brian Thomas

As a white male born in 1965, a major civil rights milestone year, I have seen much from my viewpoint. Growing up in a diverse Northeast American city like Brockton, Massachusetts, we all grew up with all races and religions in close proximity. We were mostly all comfortable with each other, playmates, teammates, friends etc. and know more than most other parts of the country, that we're all the same. We all have smart people, average and idiots, virtuous and criminal, outgoing and shy, perfectly well adjusted and dysfunctional within our ranks in each race.

When BLM developed, I got it. I could feel my own eyes get a bit wetter while watching a desperate black mother having to react to cameras in her face with the fresh news that her son was just killed by police. Parent to parent, how can we not feel her anguish, despite the circumstances. No matter what happened or who did what, she held that newborn, rasied that toddler and never planned for him to end up in the middle of her worst  nightmare.

Argue over what kind of a job she did as a parent later, that is a different conversation. Most of our African American brothers and sister citizens are liberal leaning and their ears are hearing liberal messaging and liberal teachings. Again, that's fine, its their right. But..

Through this ideology, they have for the most part, bought into this teaching that they are uniquely plotted against by the powers that be, aka white Americans. Some believe there is a tireless, passive aggressive agenda to keep them at the very bottom of the economic ladder with our foot on their throat and there are those who say it is time to act. Others, more radical like the New Black Panther Party endorse organized violence against every white they can get their hands on at the right time and place.

It is important that we all, even we conservative white Americans who they believe hate them, try to understand the fear and anger that brought Black Lives Matter into a movement. It didn't come to fruition out of thin air.

There is a difference though, between legitimate outrage in the cases of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri for example, and Eric Garner. Or between Keith Scott and Danroy "DJ" Henry.

Michael Brown asked for violence between he and the police. Keith Scott was shot (by a black officer) in a justifiable shooting. Eric Garner was choked out and swarmed by police for selling loose cigarettes on a corner. It looked like the cops were eager to try out their new Gracie Ju-Jitsu moves! Horrid abuse of authority in my opinion. Punishable action by police.

In the case of DJ Henry of Easton, MA, I am amazed this case isn't at the forefront of BLM. This was a, a great kid from a great family next door to where I lived in Brockton. I know people who grieved this loss. A Pace University football player out for the night with some friends and followed directions to leave the area when a fight of which he had no involvement, broke out. He was in his car when he was shot to death by police. All police cruiser cameras and video recordings "failed to work" and somehow none of this was documented. It, in my opinion, was a negligent homicide. the circumstances can be found here.

So let's all be honest here. There are real reasons for the black community to force a change here. There are also those marching for that change who stubbornly refuse to see legitimate use of force by police on black youths. This is where they began to lose me.

Here is where they entirely lost me though;

Black Lives Matter marches with an ISIS flag proudly waved near the very front of the march in Ferguson, Missouri.

Collaboration with terrorist groups like The Palestinian Hamas.

Radical and violent terrorists in their ranks looking for opportunity to recruit against a "common enemy", the American establishment.

How about, who is funding Black Lives Matter? Open Society, a George Soros group whose objectives include the dissolution of sovereign nations, in particular, these United States of America.

Some horrid signs have been carried at BLM causes with implications to murder our police officers and are in the midst of these marches. No BLM organizers or leaders are ever once, with all these witnesses or in all these videos, documented ever removing a sign or even admonishing one radical threat promoting violence.

Schools now provide students of color white student and faculty free zones. This is progress? These are Solutions?

They often begin the meetings by reciting the poetic writings of infamous cop killer Assata Shakur and in an official BLM statement, call Fidel Castro El Commandante' or The Commander. Their disturbing feeling of loss with Castro's death should force every patriotic American black to condemn the hijacked agenda of Black Lives Matter but the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth has proudly declared their loyalty to this agenda. Their long list of radicals teaching the youth there should already give caution to every parent whose young adults attend, myself included.