The New Bedford Housing Authority receives applications for public housing in New Bedford from individuals living in communities as far away as Billerica and Springfield, with those applicants applying to numerous communities.

The Authority's Executive Director, Steven Beauregard, tells WBSM's Brian Thomas the state is hoping to streamline the process with the creation of a statewide list.

"The state is now in the process of formalizing a centralized wait list amongst all housing authorities throughout the state," says Beauregard "I suspect that if it flies, I'm not 100 percent certain it's going to fly, but if it does, that's supposed to go live sometime around the end of 2015."

Beauregard says while he's not sure of all the nuances on how this would work, he says he wants to make sure New Bedford residents are taken care of.

"Simply put we want to make sure we take of our own first."

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