TSM - Manager Rick Miller (R) shows players base running techniques.
TSM - Manager Rick Miller (R) shows players base running techniques.

The New Bedford Bay Sox are back with a talented local lineup and a bar.

The New Bedford Bay Sox open the 2016 campaign at home this weekend armed with lots of local talent and for the first time a limited license to sell beer and wine. Attendance at Bay Sox games since 2009 has been lackluster at best but that should not be the case.  New Bedford is a  baseball town and should turn out to support it's local New England Colligate Baseball  League team.  The Bay Sox are an affordable way to spend quality time with family and friends while supporting athletes at the collegiate level. Seven members of this years team are local kids, many of whom we watched grow from tee-ball threw high school.

The Bay Sox are experimenting this season, or at least for the first couple of games, with selling beer and wine in hopes of attracting a larger audience.  At first I opposed the idea of transferring land from the School Department to the City in order to make this thing possible but since it will happen the School Committee should allow the experiment to continue for the entire season. We can review it's impact when the season is over.

The Bay Sox are an asset to the community. It would be a shame to lose the team do to a lack of support from that community.

The season opens this Saturday night at 6:30pm as The Bay Sox host the Wareham Gatemen at Paul Walsh Field. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for kids under sixteen and for seniors and kids under 6 are free.

See ya at the game!  Go BAY SOX!


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