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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren's constant sniping and barking at the incoming Trump Administration is both annoying and dangerous. The Massachusetts Democrat, like many on the left, has been unable to accept that fact that her side has lost the election and move on.

Senator Warren's constant haranguing is sour grapes and threatens to cost Massachusetts communities much needed revenue from Washington. The City of New Bedford collects 41.6 million dollars in federal aid annually. The money is used to supplement education spending and to keep the fire department staffed, among other things. The fishing industry, already struggling, has come under almost constant attack by liberals in Washington and the new administration could be helpful in reversing some of the damage that has been done. God knows we could use federal infrastructure funds to assist with the rail and other projects.

Warren's bulldog approach to the incoming Trump Administration and that of her Democrat colleagues that represent Massachusetts in Congress makes it extremely difficult to go to Washington, hat in hand, to seek favors

President-Elect Donald Trump won the election and the right to be given a chance to govern without constant harassment from the likes of Senator Warren. Before even taking office Trump has delivered on his promise to keep industry from eliminating jobs and moving out of the country. His approach may be unconventional to some but his track record is one of success and he should be given a chance.

If Senators Warren and Markey and others in the congressional delegation are unwilling to work with the new administration they should get out of the way and cease their attempts to derail his agenda at every turn. The people have spoken and they have clearly decided to give Trump, and not the same old tired liberal agenda a try.

If Warren persists in her caustic behavior she can and should be replaced in 2018.