For those who have been shivering in their "safe space" waiting for election day to finally arrive...IT IS HERE!  How glorious is it that we can have a robust debate about the direction of our great nation and then proudly vote our will on election day.  So many others around the globe are envious of us so, we should show them how truly blessed we are by turning out in record numbers to cast our ballots.

I don't believe in polls and I never even bother to read endorsements.  Like you, I am smart enough to make up my own mind based upon the information presented to me by the candidates and in the case of the ballot questions, the information presented on each side of the issue.

That said, here is what I plan to do on the ballot, just incase you care:


Donald J. Trump is without question the best person for the job at this time in our history.  He is the "people's candidate" and represents those who have had it with the establishment and it's ways.  Even without the questions about her emails and The Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton is a poor choice.  Her policies are old and tired and have not worked. Predictions:  Trump wins.

Question 1: (Licensing A Second Slots Parlor)

I say NO.  New Bedford, Fall River and Taunton would not even be allowed to compete for that license, it would go either to House Speaker Robert DeLeo's district or Senate President Stanley Rosenberg's district.  Period. Prediction: It passes.

Question 2: (Expanding Charter Schools)

It is with a great deal of trepidation that I say YES on Question 2.  All public school children in Massachusetts deserve a top notch education and they are not getting it under the current system.  I have serious questions about funding and about whether more charter schools would leave the public schools full of special needs, behavioral problems and non-English speaking students but I think the benefit to students who are currently being deprived of the best should be paramount here.  Prediction: It fails.

Question 3: (Conditions For Farm Animals)

While well intentioned, it is ill advised as under existing agreements conditions for animals raised for food are being dramatically improved in Massachusetts.  A yes vote would prohibit the importation of veal, pork and eggs from other states unless produced according to the wishes of the ballot promoters. Food prices in Massachusetts would rise dramatically. NO on Question 3.  Prediction: It passes.

Question 4: (Legalization, Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana)

NO on Question 4.  This is a no brainer.  "Big pot" wants to make a fortune off of targeting your kids with dope and food products made from dope.  We have spent years telling kids that ingesting any foreign chemicals or smoke into their lungs will cause them serious health issues, including death.  Look around the streets of Southeastern Massachusetts, don't we have enough drug related issues now?  Smoking dope is not healthy and drains incentive from our youth.  In addition, the politicians simply want to do this in order to raise additional taxes, period. When they run out of pot generated tax money what's next? We don't need it.  Prediction: It passes.


Without question Republican Mark Alliegro would be a hands down improvement over what we have now simply by showing up.  Prediction: Incumbent Democrat Bill Keating is re-elected.

Bristol 3rd District State Representative:

Shaunna O'Connell has worked hard for ALL of the people of Massachusetts and deserves another term.  Democrat Estelle Borges would be just one more rubber stamp for an out of date, out of touch Democrat monopoly in Boston.  Prediction: O'Connell wins a squeaker.


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