Many political observers are left scratching their heads after Donald Trump's seemingly improbable win in last week's 2016 Presidential Election.

Now as many in the country are left to wonder what will happen next, former Congressman Barney Frank will be among those weighing in.

Frank will be taking part in a forum at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth that will look at these issues and school spokesman John Hoey tells WBSM News that Frank has gained a unique perspective from a political career that has seen many leadership changes.

"His career spanned 40 years, and he has seen allot of different kinds of transitions in leadership," said Hoey "I believe he was elected the same year, for instance, Ronald Reagan was elected, which was a watershed moment in American politics itself."

Hoey says that experience provides Frank with an insight that few others have.

"I think he'll provide some real candid perspective on what just happened during the election, why it happened, and how people should be responding to it," said Hoey.

While it will provide an opportunity to get insights from a well-known political figure, it will also provide an opportunity for dialogue following a very divisive political election campaign.

"Forums like this give students and faculty and staff and the community a chance to gather and talk though some issues," said Hoey.
The event, entitled "What Just Happened? What Now?" begins at noon at the Claire T. Carney Library, admission is free.

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