Wendy Maeda/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will sign into law a transgender rights bill making it's way through the legislature.

The Governor told the Boston daily newspapers on Tuesday that he will sign a transgender rights bill provided it includes language contained in the House version that requires Attorney General Maura Healy to issue guidance on how to deal legally with those who choose to use "gender identity for an improper purpose." The Senate version contained no such language when it was approved by a 33-4 margin.  The House is set to vote on Wednesday of this week. The final version will be hammered out in committee.

Many Massachusetts residents are concerned that the House language does not go far enough in protecting women and girls from predators or from being exposed to the male anatomy in showers, locker rooms and restrooms, an unwanted intrusion on their own privacy. Transgender people, like all people, should have their rights protected but not at the expense of the rights of others. There are enough laws on the books currently to protect the rights of all in Massachusetts.

In pledging to sign the new transgender rights bill Governor Baker, a Republican in a Democrat state is bowing to  pressure from the LGBT lobby and to Democrats and Independents he hopes will elect him to a second term.  This may be a gamble for Baker as I am not sure public support runs deep for this initiative and it may wind up costing him dearly in the end.

Coupled with his decision not to vote for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump, who enjoyed widespread support in Massachusetts, I will take a pass when it comes time to vote to re-elect the Governor.