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State Reps Sound Off on Pay Raise for Legislature
Two state representatives offered differing viewpoints on the recent pay raise for state legislators on Friday’s edition of The Barry Richard Show on WBSM.
The bill came about after an advisory committee pushed it through last week, the day before the Presidential Inauguration, in qui…
Most State Lawmakers Will Be Returned This Fall
For all of the talk about the need for change most state lawmakers in Massachusetts will be re-elected this fall. Some change.
The State House News Service says 22 of the 40 members of the Massachusetts Senate are running unopposed as are 105 members of the 160 member House of Representatives.  …
Baker To Support Transgender Bathroom Bill
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will sign into law a transgender rights bill making it's way through the legislature.
The Governor told the Boston daily newspapers on Tuesday that he will sign a transgender rights bill provided it includes language contained in the House version that requires A…
Power Deal Could Be Costly To Ratepayers
After many months of backroom wheeling and dealing the legislative leadership and the Baker Administration have reached an agreement in principle on an energy bill.
While the final details must still be hammered out it is clear that the powerful green energy lobby has won the day with the b…
Update: Welfare Overhaul Bill Clears Senate
The Massachusetts Senate has approved a welfare overhaul bill.
The bill would revive a 1995 state program designed to help place welfare recipients in full-time work and require the Department of Transitional Assistance to assign specialists to help high-risk recipients...

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