The 2013 award's season has started!  That means endless television award's programs. 

The People's Choice Awards were just on and yes, I spent some time watching them.  They were hosted by 'Big Bang Theroy's' Kaley Cuoco, and she was perfect for the job, young, energetic, entertaining and kept the show moving!

One of the things I like about the People's Choice Awards is that they are just that, peoples choice!  People get to vote and give the award to who they feel deserves it.  Many of the other awards shows that you will see in the next few months are voted on by peers and some stuffy board.

So, the award's season has begun and I will watch the ones I care about like the Grammy's, the show that has the best performances, and avoid the ones that pump up the egos of an industry that is out of touch with reality.

Maybe they should produce an Average Joe's awards show, wouldn't that be great?  Award people who really make a difference in our daily lives.  I would be great but I know that no one would watch and after all it's all about the ratings and I don't think an Average Joe show would do too well.  Maybe I'll host my own awards show and give out awards to firefighters and police, people who really make a difference in our life.  I think I may just do that!  Stay tuned!