Autumn Glen posted the photo album on their Facebook page a few days ago. What was meant to be a simple comedy skit for the residents has quickly turned into the sweetest thing you'll see all day.

Pat Savoie - Autumn Glen / Facebook

"To say we have fun here, is an understatement..especially on days like today. A few months ago, our residents asked Gale, our Programing Director, if they could put on a comedy skit. They had an idea for a mock wedding ceremony, ideas for characters, clothes, music, the whole bit. Of course we told the to go for it and after much prep, today was the big day! The brides gown, as well as the bridesmaids dresses, were made entirely by the residents, as were all the characters involved which were played by residents and staff. There wasn't a dry eye in the community as they had everyone in hysterics! What a fun loving bunch! We are so blessed! Please enjoy this photo album of AG's first "wedding"! And as the wedding cake suggests, we are all still very much young at heart!"