Waiting to be seen by my doctor, I was sitting elbow to elbow in a packed and tiny doctor's office when the gentleman across from me started his narration with another elderly patient-in-waiting about his recent colonoscopy. I had the sudden urge to chuckle but I held it in!

A few days later, a national morning TV program conducted prostate exams, in a closed door room, to focus on the importance of preventative health care. I remember years ago, Katie Couric demystified the colonoscopy procedure by having one on nation television years ago. Come to find out, months later, thousands of people had followed her example. That's good!

But my question is why do we need to have celebrities hold our hands to come to terms with the exams we need as we grow older? Remind me to tell you about my cataracts next time. In the meanwhile, stay well and do what's in your best interest.