FREETOWN — A man who allegedly refused to return a television that was wrongfully delivered to his home has been arrested.

Police in Freetown were notified by a delivery service that two televisions had been delivered to a man living at 13 Rounsevell Drive in East Freetown. However, one of the televisions, an 86" 4K HDR Smart LED TV, had been delivered by mistake.

Company representatives told police they had attempted to recover the television, but the man living at the address was uncooperative.

Police also visited the home in question, but the male still refused to return the wrongfully received television.

Freetown Police obtained a search warrant for the East Freetown address and an arrest warrant for the man, Nicholas A. Memmo, 35, of 13 Rounsevell Drive, East Freetown. Police searched the home on Monday, March 18, and found the large television mounted to a living room wall. Due to the size of the television, police had to use a pickup truck to transport it to the police station.

Freetown Police Department
Freetown Police Department

Memmo was arrested by police and charged with larceny over $1,200 by false pretense and misleading a police officer.

Memmo was arraigned Tuesday in Fall River District Court.

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