With temperatures soaring to near-record highs, there was some confusion today about whether or not water bottles are permitted in some New Bedford Public Schools.

12:48pm UPDATE: According to New Bedford Public Schools spokesperson, Arthur Motta, there is no district policy against students having water bottles in schools. Motta did mention that an exception may be made in classrooms with expensive computer equipment.  Motta said that no doctor's note is necessary for students to carry water bottles under normal circumstances. 

Some callers to Fun 107 voiced concern about being told that water bottles would not be allowed in Keith Middle School without a doctor's note.

We placed a call to Keith Middle School's sixth-grade office and we were told that during the heat, the kids would be able to use their water bottles. However, they were unsure how that policy would be enforced once the extreme heat subsided.

When we called back Keith Middle School for clarification from the principal, his office told us that students were not allowed to bring water bottles to school without a doctor's note. We asked to speak to the principal about the water bottle policy, but he was not available. We left a message for him, and are awaiting a callback. Arthur Motta, spokesperson for New Bedford Public Schools told Fun 107, "We have clarified that during heat advisories water bottles are allowed in classrooms (water only). For students who do not have a water bottle available, water bubblers are located in hallways and teachers are informed to allow frequent water breaks as needed."

Motta did not mention what the district's water bottle policy is when there is not a heat advisory in place.

We were able to reach Mr. Jose Edwards, an Assistant Principal at New Bedford High School, who assured us that students "walk around with their bottles all the time" at the high school.

We will update this story when the principal at Keith Middle School clarifies the school's water bottle policy.

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