One of the most captivating songs ever is The Flamingos' "I Only Have Eyes for You" (sha bop sha bop). It's seductive, bewitching and ear-catching.

Close friend Todd R. Baptista and his wonderful wife and PR guru, Kristen, were in the studio to talk about the launch of Todd's fifth exemplary book, The Flamingos: A Complete History of The Doo-Wop Legends with foreword by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performer Terry Johnson, whose voice is just as moving today at age 80.

The Flamingos are truly one of the greatest vocal harmony groups in American history. The group started in the 1950s and is immortalized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Todd Baptista's affection for The Flamingos jumps off every page of the book that took him 13 years to complete.

The book reveals so many never-before-told stories, interviews and experiences that you will find so hard to believe, yet they're true. Imagine this: they're singing their new song "I'll Be Home" in front of a live audience, and off on the side, someone actually steals the song! Two weeks later, it is on the radio performed by the cover artist who ripped off and copied their song. The con artist was Pat Boone! Todd's book is full of astounding stories like this, plus rare photos.

On so many occasions, The Flamingos were underpaid, forced to stay in the worst motels and had to enter the venues through the kitchen because of segregation. They weren't able to pull in to a roadside cafe when they were hungry because they weren't the right color. Yet young people across the nation danced to The Flamingos' breathtaking music without second thought.

Anyone who loves music or American history will be enlightened by Todd Baptista's newest book, a great gift. You can order it on right from in time for the holidays.

A percentage of the royalties associated with the sales of the book go directly to Terry Johnson, who has supported this project. Terry Johnson's Flamingos will headline the Doo-Wop concert on March 28, 2020, at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center.

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