You know it happens. Employers shedding workers only to go out and hire foreigners. This is not a story about illegal immigration.

Hundreds of white collar workers have balked to Congress. These trained and skilled employees painfully spilled their guts over losing their career to new educated foreigners, In some instances, the local claimed they felt forced to train their replacement. Ouch! Companies like Disney and Caterpillar are using the H 1B program to employ educated white collar workers in the S.T.E.M. profession (science, technology, engineering and math). Why? For greed or surivival, it's always about the bottom line.

In order for major and small companies to remain competitive, they find themselves laying off U.S. workers and either transplanting the business offshore, or hiring what they term "qualified" workers from overseas to come here. Many of these foreign workers received Bachelors and advanced degrees, here in the states. For many it's a visa switch: from education to H 1B work permit. Major U.S. companies are saying bye bye to home grown folk that bust their tail and the payroll, for able staff that seemingly won't bust the budget. Are folks fuming!

Don't feel betrayed. Don't call this un-American. Centuries ago, slaves brutally toiled for a floor bedroom and pig's knuckle supper. Sweat shops were a privilege of the south long before modern day China. The question now is what are you going to do?

Since the end of WW2, the United States has slowly transitioned into a global economy. Businesses like Ford, IBM, Disney, Mc Donalds, WalMart, Goodyear all pre-dated NAFTA onto international shores. Now it's time for more citizens to practice the same. I love our country, but it's silly to believe small, medium and large companies are going to risk their survival on us.

Look at the shrinking numbers. People are meandering to Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Asia, etc. for a more simpler, less stressful life. There are numerous Central American, Caribbean and Asian countries that are prime for people (Seniors) scraping off a pension and/or Social insecurity. Opportunities abound for those willing to start a small business or have a skill natives don't possess. Looking for house help? Hiring a Mexican at Mexican wages is totally legal. You don't need to earn as much, because your expenses living the expat lifestyle, in these countries is so much lower than here in the U.S.

A report from 2011-2012, stated the United States doesn't keep track of the number of citizens high-tailing it out of here to become expatriates. That group estimated that 656 people become expats every hour. That's 5.7 million annually! What do these people know that you do not?

It's your choice: Cry trying to beat them, or join their ranks. 

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