If it weren’t so tragic it would be a bad joke. An illegal alien on a fishing boat has been charged with murdering a fellow member of the crew.

Freddy the Illegal Alien has been arrested on the federal charge of murder at sea. He is alleged to have attacked his boat mates at sea with a knife and a hammer. Imagine being trapped on a boat in the ocean with a homicidal manic thrusting and slashing with a knife while simultaneously wielding a bone-crushing hammer.

The phrase from Jaws, “I think we need a bigger boat” comes to mind. So does the idea that we need a better system to protect Americans and legal immigrants from illegal aliens.

This particular illegal alien was out on bail from the Virginia court system when he allegedly murdered another crew member on the fishing boat off the coast of Massachusetts. He was on bail for abduction by force when he allegedly attacked three crew members and murdered one.

This crime was completely preventable. If the illegal alien not been in the country, the attack couldn’t have happened. If the judge in Virginia hadn’t given him bail, the attack couldn’t have happened. If the captain hadn’t allowed the illegal alien to work on his boat, the attack couldn’t have happened. This was preventable at numerous times, yet it still happened.

Being a commercial fisherman is one of the most dangerous jobs in American industry. Adding a homicidal manic on a fishing boat is something out of a bad horror movie. But the incident happened in real life because of bad policy and worse enforcement.

And someone is dead.


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