Once again Hollywood is looking to the past to come up with movie ideas. And this time around sources say a cult classic will get a modern update.

The 1981 futuristic action movie Escape From New York will get a new millennium makeover according to Deadline.com and Fox is going to be making it.

I guess I can understand the idea behind the remake, I mean the John Carpenter-directed original was supposed to be taking place in 1997. Not so futuristic to audiences now.

No clue as to how far in the future they make Manhattan into a maximum-security prison, but I'm sure the special effects and stuff will be much better. The plot where Snake Plissken, a former soldier, is assigned to rescue the president after Air Force One crashes in New York will still stand I'm sure and someone will have to step into the massive shoes of Kurt Russell.

Russell has actually weighed in on who should play the part in an Escape remake (apparently this idea has been in the works for awhile). Back in 2007 the thought was Gerard Butler, but Russell didn't like it saying,

I do think that character was quintessentially one thing. And that is, American."

So I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled to know Charlie Hunnam, an English actor, and Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor, are said to be the front runners for the part.

Charlie Hunnam and Chris Hemsworth
Kevin Winter/Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images

Jeremy Renner, Tom Hardy and Jason Statham have all had their names floated around the part as well, but it will be executive producer John Carpenter who gets the final decision.

Jeremy Renner, Tom Hardy and Jason Statham
Alberto E Rodriguez/Stephen Lovekin/Sam Morris/Getty Images

So are you psyched to see another 80s movie get the remake treatment? Any other classics from your childhood you'd want to see made over?

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