Ok, I'll admit it...I've become mildly obsessed with The Conjuring. It hasn't reached the epic proportions of my Amityville obsession, but it's getting there.

This week, we get to find out the REAL story of what took place in the Harrisville, Rhode Island farmhouse with the Perron family. Andrea Perron, who has turned the story into a three-part series of books entited House of Darkness, House of Light is our special guest this Saturday night at 10 p.m. on Spooky Southcoast.

You'll get a chance to call in and share your thoughts and questions with Andrea. And don't forget, you can actually WATCH the show while you listen with our in-studio cameras, which we call Spooky TV. If you go there, there's also a chat room so you can interact with the Spooky Crew and other listeners. Or you can also watch directly on the Spooky Southcoast page on WBSM.com as well.