After more than 200 years in business, Michael Monahan is closing his family jewelry shop in Harwich Port.

From presidents to sports and movie stars, not to mention his hundreds of everyday locals who frequented this piece of Americana, Monahan Fine Jewelers on Route 28 is taking leave forever.

Monahan is very proud of his Irish heritage and says his family introduced the famous Claddagh Ring to America back in the 1800s.

In a past lifetime, while trying to supplement my income, I was a costume jewelry warrior, driving from gift store to mom-and-pop shop peddling trinkets, bracelets and rings. About 38 years ago, I remember walking into this tiny, crowded maze of display cases, introducing myself and my Princess Jewelry line. I recall Mr. Monahan's pleasant and smiling demeanor, unlike so many other owners who wouldn't give me the the time of day. Any salesman will know what I mean.

Years ago, you might remember the case of a stolen gold leprechaun statue that got a lot of media coverage. There's still a $1,000 reward to get it back. And then, back about 25 years ago, Cape Cod's largest armed robbery took place at this famous jewelry store with over $500,000 worth of diamond bracelets, precious stones, gold, and more stolen.

Even though part of the jewelry business will continue online, Monahan says he will close the doors for good at the end of September, and with it, a historic embodiment of Cape Cod days of yore. If you have a chance to visit Monahan Fine Jewelry before then, I promise you, it's the most amazing shop, with items ranging in price from $15 all the way up to $100,000 for a canary diamond bracelet.

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