Gay Pride flag
Raul Arboleda, Getty Images

Massachusetts will fling open bathroom and locker room doors statewide to all regardless of  gender identity.  A compromise on a transgender rights bill has been reached and will likely be approved by the legislature on Thursday and signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker before the week is out.

This anti-discrimination protection is so badly needed that New Bedford State Representative Paul Schmid likened it to the law that "freed black slaves."  Schmid says without this bill restaurants could legally deny transgender people the use of their bathrooms.

In their rush to be politically correct state lawmakers have overlooked the right of your daughter or granddaughter to undress in junior high school gym class without the risk of a male student ogling her or displaying his own genitals for all the girls to see.  But rest assured, such occurrences are unlikely as Attorney General Maura Healy, an advocate for the bill, will be in charge of deciding which guys  are on the up and up or whether they are making an improper claim of gender identity.

Too bad that while we are doling out new rights to .3 percent of the population those rights have to come at the expense of the other 99.7 percent of us. That's political correctness for ya.  Fair and balanced.

Once signed the measure will take effective on Oct. 1.

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