Dartmouth Mall's AMC theater, like its counterparts around the country, will likely soon change how you buy movie tickets.

The chain is introducing a new tiered pricing system for reserved seating. The big question: Are we here for it?

If you're the type who has a preferred seat (for example, always in the front, always in the back or always in the middle), then you pay what you're not used to, perhaps even a little extra, for your seat soon.

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The change is called Sightline at AMC and it will divide seats into three categories:

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Standard Sightline, which includes the seats most commonly filled in theaters

Value Sightline, seats in the front row, available at a lower price than the standard Standard Sightline

Preferred Sightline, seats in the middle of the theater, which will be sold at a premium price.

You should be able to select your seats the way you can now, via the online seat map when you purchase tickets through the AMC website. Then you just show up, get a nice bucket of popcorn and have no worries about finding the perfect seat.

As for when you'll see the change, it's expected to hit all AMC locations in the United States by the end of the year. New York, Chicago and Kansas City will be the first to try it, starting this month.

As a moviegoer, I'm not sure how to feel about this, but theaters, like a lot of businesses, have been through it the last few years so they definitely need our support.

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